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The World's First Walk Through Projection Screen

FogScreen is a completely revolutionary innovation that produces a thin curtain of dry fog that effectively creates a translucent projection screen to capture any projected image.

FogScreen is perfect for creating that "wow" factor and has significant applications for use in Museums, Cinemas, Night clubs, Casinos, Shopping Malls, Fashion shows, Trade Fairs, Corporate Events, Product launches, Weddings & any other special event. FogScreen's patented technology with tap water and ultrasonic waves creates a "virtual" projection screen that appears to float in the air. Create a much talked about show stopper! FogScreen is so dry you can stand in it, touch it or even walk right through it. With the optional interactive possibilities, FogScreen can become a truly unforgettable experience.



We at FogScreen Australia want to help you create truly magical experiences that mesmerise and amaze people. No matter what the venue or special event is, we’re sure that we can help create a captivating and effective solution with the FogScreen®.

In this section you will find information on the various applications of the FogScreen® within three segments: Entertainment, Pro AV and Retail & Digital Signage. Familiarise yourself with the endless application possibilities of the FogScreen.

For more information, installation guidelines or information on content creation, contact our dedicated team who will be more than happy to assist.



Here you will find information about the 3 different FogScreen® models:

  1. FogScreen eZ: 80cm wide screen. This compact plug-and-play FogScreen® eZ projection screen can deliver attention-grabbing magic into smaller spaces.
  2. FogScreen eMotion: 220cm wide screen. This model is the perfect solution for the entertainment industry and also for fixed installations.
  3. FogScreen Pro: 110cm wide screen. A modular system with screens that seamlessly link together to allow you to do larger set-ups or multiple events at the same time.

Each product description contains a brief outline & some technical details.

Between the eZ, eMotion and Pro models, there is sure to be a perfect fit for your needs!



This section contains case studies of some of the many past installations and applications of FogScreen. The versatility and impact of this amazing projection screen is clearly evident and some innovative ways of employing the FogScreen are revealed.


Hire Or Purchase

FogScreen Australia can supply any or all of the following to provide a complete solution for your FogScreen hire requirements;
The FogScreen, Projectors (from 5000 - 30000 lumens), Laptop/DVD Player, Trussing & installation.

Alternatively, contact our team to discuss your purchase requirements.

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