Client: BowlCircus

Event: Permanent Installation


BowlCircus is a totally new bowling alley concept, where exciting visuals, audio entertainment and sport all meet together. Behind the BowlCircus bowling experience is an impressive amount of cutting edge audio visual technology – even more than in nightclubs! The FogScreen projection screen is installed at the entrance to the bowling entertainment centre with constantly changing dynamic branding, advertisement and high impact, attention grabbing visual effects.


Client: Wild West Lighting and Productions Inc. / Discovery Place

Event: Permanent Installation


Discovery Place is dedicated to the inspiring exploration of the natural and social world through extraordinary exhibits and educational programs that inform, challenge and engage audiences of all ages.

The FogScreen® was positioned at the entrance to the exhibition ‘Think It Up’. A constantly changing ambient special FX projection is projected onto the FogScreen to produce a stunning effect that is sure to captivate audiences.


Client: Disney

Event: Disney Enchanted Tour


Whilst walking through the ‘enhanced’ experience, the invited attendees had an exclusive glimpse into the world of the movie. One of the key features is an enchanted wishing well, the effect which has been created and brought to life with FogScreen® Pro.


Client: Elite Models

Event: Elite Model Look 24th World Final


The FogScreen can be seen as the walk-through element in the middle of the stage; dynamic and exciting images are projected onto the screen and are synchronised with the other surrounding displays. The constantly changing, tailor-made content, together with the stylish set-up, made the installation extremely impressive.


Client: Ideapark Shopping Mall

Event: Lempäälä, Finland


The FogScreen® projection screen can be experienced on Ideapark’s fashion street, The Catwalk. The Catwalk is a shopping avenue housing twenty side-by-side brand stores, including top brands such as: Tara Jarmon, Turo Tailor, Tommy Hilfiger, Timberland, Marc O’Polo and Gerry Weber, to name a few. A perfect example of how the FogScreen can be used in the retail environment as a high impact advertising platform, while simultaneously, increasing traffic and influencing customer flow.


Client: Fresh Wata / Playboy

Event: Playboy’s Super Saturday Night Party


Fresh Wata, a boutique event design and production firm, was selected to produce Playboy’s Super Saturday Night Party in Miami, Florida during Super Bowl 2007. Some 3000 guests were in attendance for the ‘party of the year’. The FogScreen® was positioned to become the entrance to the event and every guest walked through the fog as they arrived.; a custom video loop was projected onto the screen with moving bunny logos.


Client: Rynek Underground Museum

Event: Permanent Installation


FogScreen Inc. and our Polish partner Trias are thrilled about this new installation and are convinced that the FogScreen® is a perfect addition to this ultramodern and high-tech museum and fits perfectly with the museums idea that visitors should not only see but ‘feel‘ the exhibition concept. There are three meters of FogScreen Pro installed at the Rynek Underground; movies illustrating the various ‘footsteps in the history of Krakow’ are projected on to the screen. The screen is positioned to allow visitors to walk right though the thin wall of laminar fog, allowing for an engaging and captivating experience for visitors.


Client: Sally Corporation- Dark Rides

Event: USA


New Generation FogScreen® projection screens play an important role in the re-theming of four Scooby-Doo rides to Boo Blasters on Boo Hill. The New Generation FogScreen eMotion projection screen is now featured at the Boo Blasters on Boo Hill interactive rides by Sally Corporation at four Cedar Fair parks across North America: Carowinds in Charlotte, NC; Kings Dominion in Richmond,VA; Kings Island in Cincinnati, OH; and Canada’s Wonderland in Toronto.

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